Sung by Danny O'Flaherty • Narrated by Maurice Franks

How can an Irish American discover his or her heritage in less than an hour or inform his or her children, grandchildren, non-Irish spouse, family and friends what the Irish are all about?

The answer to that question is contained in a new CD released by Hy-Brasyl Productions under the auspices of the Celtic Nations Heritage Foundation of Louisiana, a nonprofit corporation.  An Irish-born entertainer, Danny O'Flaherty, and an Irish-American law professor, Maurice Franks, have joined forces to produce The History of Ireland in Word and Song.

In about 50 dynamic minutes of excellent music and narrative, the two have produced what well may be the most beautiful, entertaining, irresistible and delightful way to learn Irish history quickly and effortlessly.  Over fifteen hundred years, from St. Patrick in the year 410 to Irish independence in the year 1922, are brought to life in this moving and brilliant CD.

As one reviewer said, “We've needed this for a long time.  We've needed something to explain our Irish heritage to our family members in America not fully aware of their Irish heritage, to explain to our non-Irish friends, and even to remind ourselves from time to time just who we are.  And the music on this CD is truly beautiful.”

Don't let your friends visit Ireland without first having heard this CD.

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